mason A fiery litigator and passionate lawyer, you will know when she enters the  room. As you walk down the hallway to her office you will often hear her unmistakable voice arguing or discussing an issue. Beneath that passionate exterior is a level-headed person who listens first and then does everything she can to help her clients reach their stated goals. The people she works with think that there is no better person to have on your side.

Gayla is a lifelong resident of Fort Scott. When she is not helping people at work or participating in fundraising for children through the local CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate) program, she is with her family and lifelong friends, many of which she has had since childhood. She is close with her family and children, Connor and Rylan, enjoying set-down dinners with them nightly. She loves watching her children in local extracurricular activities and being a get-together hub for her children and their many friends. In her free time, she enjoys time outside, and working hands-on in repairs and remodeling of her home which was built and belonged to her grandparents until she purchased it in 2007.